Abu Naga

Upper Egypt, near Nagada


Description of Level C:

In the Southwest corner of the top plan, there is shown an ash pit that was discovered, roughly 1m high and .5 meters wide in the observable space. As you move west, in section F2, there is a large pot, fully intact. Next to the complete pot there were potsherds of the same material, possibly suggesting they were of similar function. From F3 to F5, there appears to be either a couch or a bed.

            Moving northward, there were pieces of matting found near a crude, mud brick wall (which was only partially intact). Pieces of mud-bricks were found along the wall. In E6, a piece of what appears to be a furniture leg was found, next to a fragment of some sort of pottery with hieroglyphs on them, possibly displaying the sign of the king.

            In the northeast corner of the plan, what appears to be a trash dump was found, containing animal bones that still need to be analyzed, as well as shards of pottery, stone and other clay like materials. The most remarkable find, aside from the shard containing the king’s mark, was beads and a pendant found in E3. The placement of the artifact suggests that it was once a necklace, but the material it was strung on has since disintegrated.

            Most of the area outside the wall, aside from the trash pile and the falling dwelling is clean sand. 

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